As of now various streaming channels are available for the users only on platforms like smart phones, smart TVs, android powered TV sets, PC or Mac devices only. Hence the users of conventional TV sets find it a bit daunting to get these streaming services on their television sets. The Google Chromecast Setup dongle can be used to fight out this limitation by providing the users with streaming services on their conventional television sets as well. The Google Chromecast dongle can be used to stream from any of the subscription channels that the users have subscribed to right on their television sets. The list of the compatible apps has been increasing day by day and Google Chromecast is definitely a sunrise in the sky of streaming services.


If the users have subscribed to any plans on any of the big and famous subscription channels like Netflix, Hulu, HBO Now, Spotify etc. and do not have a smart TV to get these services on the big screen, Google Chromecast can help them to stream on the TV from their subscription plans. The Google Chromecast dongle connects to the same network as the device that the user is using is connected. The Chromecast application can be then used to set the google Chromecast dongle application and enjoying the streaming services on the TV sets as well. The smart phone or the device of the user can be used to control the streaming services.

Google Chromecast dongle can also be used to stream the existing content from the device of the user on the big screen as well. Of late, Chromecast has also added compatibility for a higher number of audio formats, video formats and codecs to increase the usability of the device. Hence, the users can now use the Google chromecast dongle for multiple purposes as well.


The Google Chromecast dongle features an advanced search option that provides the users with genuine search results from their existing subscription plans. This feature helps the users to choose the subscription plans wisely by preventing them from subscribing to channels that feature the same content as the existing subscriptions of the users already have. The fats play feature of Google chromecast is definitely something to look forward to. If the user generally gets irritated with buffering, the fast play feature can come to the rescue. This feature makes use of the previous searches made by the user to predict the next item in the queue and buffers it in the background. This helps the users to save some time as well. Most of the similar devices enable a single user to get the benefits from the streaming services as well. This is made possible by enabling the guest feature on the Google Chromecast.


The Google Chromecast is currently available in two colour variants, viz. Coral and Lemonade. These funky colours add to the funkiness of the device. The device is slowly adding more and more compatible apps to the list which would enhance the usability of the Google Chromecast.

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