Pharmaceutical Waste

MedEx Waste provides a Full Service Pharmaceutical Waste and Returns program for Hospitals, pharmacies, medical practices and surgery centers in 50 states.  MedEx has a partnersip with companies licensed by the DEA to handle the return and destruction of CII – CV controlled substances, expired drug returns to manufacturers for credit and a comprehensive EPA Compliant Pharma Waste program.  The Pharma Waste Program is EPA / The Joint Commission Compliant and meets New forthcoming EPA Regulations regarding segregation of pharma waste at the clinical level.

MedEx Waste Pharmaceutical Programs Offer:

  • EPA / TJC Compliant Pharma Waste Program
  • Comprehensive Returns Program for Expired Drugs
  • On-Site and Mail-Back Pharma Return Programs
  • Hazardous Waste Pick-up and Destruction services
  • Accurate online Reporting of inventory of Return
  • Non-returnable product destroyed in DEA/EPA/DOT/RCRA compliance